"I desire to open the eyes of the world, make them see it is both a dark place but a wonderful place. It consists of both opposite qualities. Yet, despite it all, it teaches us so much as we grow old with experience."

I've always had a love for art ever since I was young and I'd made it a habit to create my own characters and stories. One could say I got a lot of my inspiration from events in my own life, dreams, and some of my favorite comics and movies, some of which are the Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman. I pursued my education in art since I was a youngster. As a student I learned to draw and paint with such media as ink, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, oil, and watercolor. I also found sculpting, graphic design, and teaching the arts another favorite part of my past-time. I used the elements of graphic and web design to advertise for an assortment of comedy shows presented by Soul Joel Productions and other comedy troups. I also created webcomics for Webcomic Factory. I presently create webcomics and animations now! You can check those out on the link page. Even to this day, I'm still creating and loving it!

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